We got a call from a real estate office that wanted routine maintenance done on their asphalt shingled roof. They needed this to be done before the end of the year, and of course they had called us, because they recommended us for a lot of work on their properties. They were more than pleased with the work we provided for them as a North Iowa roofing contractor.

The asphalt shingle roof maintenance was scheduled

Our crew arrived at the real estate office to start the asphalt shingle roof maintenance for the customer. Our crew first began by getting on the roof and cleaning the debris such as leaves and limbs off of the roof because if the debris is left on the roof it could cause deterioration on the asphalt shingles. The crew then checked the roof thoroughly for any algae or moss, which there was none present.

Thsi north iowa roofing maintenance job was a snap!  - Greiman Construction Services, LLC

The crew then started checking the flashings on the roof. There was a couple of the flashings that needed to be replaced and repaired. This was an important repair because if the flashing isn’t repaired, then leaks could start in these areas, which could lead to major damages.

The crew examined all of the shingles to make sure none of them were loose or damaged. The crew checked to make sure that the shingles edges were not curling or cracked. The crew also checked to make sure that there were no uneven areas present in the roof, and the roof was in overall great shape. There were only a couple of the singles that needed to be replaced. These asphalt shingles were a bit loose or they had a small crack, so the crew just replaced the damaged asphalt shingles.

Once the crew had all the maintenance done with the roof, the crew cleaned the gutters to make sure the water that was being drained off of the roof would be able to flow properly out in the gutters, then the crew checked the downspouts of the guttering system to ensure that they had no debris in them too. The gutters are a very important element to the roof and its maintenance. The crew had all the routine maintenance performed on the asphalt shingled roof and they begin to clean up all the debris that they had removed from the roof and the gutters, then they let the customer know that the maintenance was done and the roof was ready for the winter months.

The customer was very happy that there was no major problems with the roof, the quick work that we provided, and the performance and knowledge that our crew possessed, which is why we are the number one roofing contractor in North Iowa.




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